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Welcome to my site. A site that does nothing but say, “read about me”, is not helpful or useful to anyone, and narcissistic, so… I will be trying to put information and links on my site that both legal and non-legal folks may find helpful, useful, informative, and entertaining. If I succeed, you’ll save my site and visit again.

This site will be under construction for a while, but for the lawyers, I have useful links and articles and for the public, I have a self-help section. I hope to assist the public in understanding the legal system a little better. The Small Claims/Special Civil section has information to assist individuals in filing smaller claims where it does not justify getting an attorney to help them. There are many other links to information valuable to consumers.

This page is also my ‘soapbox’. A place to speak my mind, “bitch and complain” and possibly even make some valid public commentary, pointing out certain issues or presenting certain issues in a light others may not have seen it before.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you return, and I would really like feedback, comments, on what you find here, good and bad. Please e-mail me if you find any errors, because I can not remove or fix what I’m not aware of.

Legal per diems...

Generally, most law firms miss a huge opportunity to improve their practice, and make more money. Why? Lets face it, law firms are s-l-o-w to change and adapt. I believe it's simply because traditionally firms have handled all their own work in-house. Well, times change, and these firms are missing a urge opportunity. For you lawyers out there, I encourage you to read the few articles on the use of per diems, and see if you don't agree with me.


OK folks, imagine you had an asset, say a home with $100,000 in equity. Now imagine that you could give a piece of paper to a person saying this is $10,000,000 in credit for you to use as you wish, but you have to pay me 3% interest per year, or $300,000. The borrower may think he got a great ‘deal’, but is it?

This is what the FED does. The FED is a private company that writes notes for billions of dollars per year. The FED only has to have 1% in ASSETS to write a note, but this asset does not have to be sitting in a bank, it can be working for the FED member, generating additional income. Wouldn’t you like to make 300% interest on your money like the FED members do?

This FED model was forced upon the US during the depression (and some argue the member banks conspired to bring about the economic crisis that was ‘the great depression’). It was such a ‘hit’, the member banks conspired to duplicate the same model in most of the countries of the world, and then created the world bank.

This is the biggest scam on the planet!


What is ‘tort reform’, and do we need it? The insurance companies and big business would have us believe juries can not be trusted, and are out of control. Mr. Bush and Mr. Lehman (Gore’s running mate) would like to make most individuals law suits impossible to file.

More later…


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